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As architects
we know all the
ins and outs of
temporary accommodation.

Impressions of Marggraf

We specialise in the planning and development of building concepts, specifically in the hotel and care segments. We design and build hotels for international companies domestically and abroad, retirement homes, student halls, buildings for microliving and care campuses. Interior design, office construction and commercial construction are additional segments in which we have in-depth expertise in terms of operational procedures and project requirements.

Working together with building owners, we develop customised solutions for new builds, conversions and renovations. We are also well-versed in terms of the general framework, building regulations and development plans. Our customers benefit from our advice and support throughout project inception, during site, feasibility and profitability analyses, and in the planning, design and implementation phases.


What sets us apart

02. Expertise

We plan and build modern hotels using concepts that reflect the spirit of the age and combine aesthetics with cost-efficiency. In addition to smart rooms and apartments, these hotels also offer communal areas such as living lobbies for surfing, relaxing or meeting with friends, bars, restaurants, meeting rooms and even co-working space.

What our customers really appreciate: we have been working with prestigious international hotel companies for many years, which enables us to develop solutions that marry feasibility […]

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As temporary accommodation specialists, we have long provided advice to geriatric care facilities and healthcare companies. As a result, we are more than qualified to plan and realise appropriate future building solutions for the care and healthcare sectors. Whether we are designing a retirement home, residential care home or care campus – we work according to customer requirements, involve all the functional parties in the decision-making process and seek pragmatic architectural solutions with contemporary residential character for all the […]

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What are we looking for in future in terms of living, lifestyle and work? How will we effectively marry ecology, economy and aesthetics? How can we find creative solutions? We combine the consequently gained insights with our experience, know-how and intuition for project sustainability. On this basis we are able to advise building owners with regard to administration and commercial buildings, develop concepts for new work spaces or warehouses and convert, for example, a listed villa into an office building. We carefully meet the […]

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To create atmosphere with light and colour, that is the focus of our interior concepts. In this respect we conceptualise the appropriate ambience for the respective use.

We design a suitable interior concept and create a coherent ambience for the building in question, be it a conversion, new build or renovation. Along with the skilled application of materials, the most important criteria when it comes to interior design are light and colour. In the course of lighting design […]

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What is doable? Be it a plot or existing building, we examine the feasibility of the project in terms of what, where and how and then consequently recommend the appropriate solution. Ultimately, the point of departure is different for each project. Sometimes premises are already available and we develop a project on that basis. Alternatively, we may have an idea for a creative use and so then look for suitable premises. The ability to develop innovative ideas is our  […]

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Hotel, Büro und Wohnen vereint

Motel One Rostock Schröderplatz


Errichtung eines gemischt genutzten Gebäudekomplexes, bestehend aus einem Hotel mit 180 Zimmern, Büros und sechs Wohnungen sowie einer gemeinsam genutzten Tiefgarage.


Die Herausforderung war eine städtebaulich prägnante Lage am Stadtkern zwischen historischer Stadtmauer und Innenstadtring mit Straßenbahn. Alle Nutzungsarten sollten zudem unabhängig voneinander funktionieren.

Daten / Fakten

BGF: 5.400 m²
BRI: 19.200 m³
Bausumme: 12 Mio. €
Leistungsphasen: 1–9 als Generalplaner


What drives us

03. The latest from Marggraf

„Wie soll sich meine Mutter hier zurechtfinden“ – Orientierung im Pflegeheim

Diese Bilder schickte mir kürzliche eine Bekannte und erzählte mir, dass sich ihre Mutter in dem Pflegeheim, in dem sie seit fast zwei Jahren lebt, überhaupt…

Angela Gebhart 10. May 2022

Was die Beleuchtung im Pflegeheim mit der Schlafqualität der Bewohner:innen zu tun hat

Wie wichtig Licht für uns ist, spüren wir alle gerade jetzt, wo die Tage wieder länger werden und die ersten warmen Sonnenstrahlen uns und die Natur aufblühen…

Angela Gebhart 27. April 2022

Neubau eines Einfamilienhauses in Bertsdorf-Hörnitz

Die Bauarbeiten am Einfamilienhaus in Bertsdorf-Hörnitz schreiten zügig voran.   Aktuell wird die Fassadenschalung aus Lärchenholz angebracht. Eine horizontale…

Angela Gebhart 21. April 2022

Hotel Lichtenau Sonnenlandpark

Die Fachzeitschrift „Bauen Wohnen Freizeit“ berichtet über unser Hotelprojekt in Lichtenau, das vor kurzem neu eröffnet wurde. Auch gerne nachzulesen bei…

Angela Gebhart 20. April 2022

What can we do for you?

04. Projekt? Project? Just ask us

No matter what topics interest you, and no matter what your questions might be, we shall be delighted to advise you, and to provide you with answers founded on expertise. Just get in touch with us.